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This is so perfect beyond words

omg all the dresses i can’t 

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Disney Parks food phone backgrounds. Feel free to use it. (photos’ sources are captioned)

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Here are some pics from our Dapper Day Disney Bounding as genderbent Alice and the Mad Hatter last Saturday. Like I said before, we took a little bit more creative liberty, but I’m so happy with how it came out. HUGE thanks to Jen for taking them for us. 

Everything I’m wearing is vintage 50’s except the shoes. Dress and shoes  were thrifted, hat and coat purchased on Etsy. 

Everything on Adam is thrifted, except for hat and shoes. His pants and tie are vintage.

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Walt Disney blooper! From the documentary “Working With Walt”

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When I met Merida in Disney world this Christmas, I was a wreck. I managed to work myself up into an anxiety attack before I even got into the garden. I made it through meeting her and talking to her without crying but as I grabbed my bag to leave I burst into tears, she said “no come back” and gave me a huge hug, here she was telling me to be brave. All I could think about is how I’m not brave and that she wouldn’t even talk to me if she knew what kind of person I really was. I couldn’t say any of that so I just nodded. I came back the next day and several times after during my trip to Disney. Never, in my entire life have I met someone who had such an instant effect on my life. There had been a date in my mind for several months before I met Merida. It was the 19th of January 2014 and that was the day I planned to commit suicide. Miraculously enough, I’m still here. Thanks to Merida’s kindness and her insisting that I am brave, I’m still here. I am rather far off being brave, but I’m alive and that’s what counts.